Doctor Who Cannisters 4 pack
Doctor Who Cannisters 4 pack

Doctor Who Cannisters 4 pack

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Doctor Who - Cannisters 4-Pack
  Canister Tardis is bigger on the inside!

Introducing the cool Doctor Who Canister 4 Pack! With 2015 marking the ten year anniversary of the BBC new format version of the Doctor Who these canisters are an ideal collectable for all fans of the TV Show.
The cans come packaged in a detailed box and each can fits inside the other like Russian nesting dolls.
The first tin can you'll see when opening the box is of course the Tardis (its bigger on the inside…) it's 11cm wide by 14cm high.
Inside the Tardis you'll find a can featuring the fourth doctor Tom Baker, his classic scarf and on the back his classic phrase "Would you like a Jelly Baby"?
Inside the fourth doctor you’ll find everyone's favourite baddie the Dalek, and last but not least inside the Dalek you get the lovable robot dog K9.
Collect this cool Doctor Who Canister 4 Pack today!!

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